Welcome to the BOXA Network

Content is the cornerstone to all we do,
and our audience is why we do it.

We’re passionate about connecting our audience – the top creatives, and influencers – to the very best in print, digital and video content. Our dedication to the audience experience results in a loyalty and trust in the BOXA Network and its iconic brands.

2+ million views each year

BOXA Network is one of Australia’s fastest growing and innovative new media companies,
reaching over 2 million young and engaged viewers every year.

We create highly shareable content about the things that matter (and sometimes the things that don’t)
we continually strive to add to the conversation, not just the noise.

We also help brands to tell and share their stories. We believe that to resonate with an Audience, brands need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.

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